Minimum Character Length

Specify the minimum character requirement for input fields, ensuring users provide sufficient information for accurate data entry and
successful submissions.

Additional code/setup

Add these scripts before the </body> tag

<!-- Call Code Select Script-->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""> </script>

Add a select input

Add a 'select' element, add 1 choice with the placeholder text and set the value as empty.

You add powerups to this select element.


Enable URL Query Params

Add this attribute to the Form element.

Custom <div> attributes


1. HTML input names are case-sensitive. Meaning if your input name on Webflow has capital letters, your query param would need to follow that.

2. Try to avoid spaces when naming your inputs. Use dashes (-) instead.

Inputs & email inputs

To pre-fill inputs, follow this URL structure:


To fill an input field called Name:

To fill an email field called Email:

Try it out:

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